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Bücher von Chris Campe

In 1998 I was an apprentice in a bookstore in the small town I grew up in. While I was selling other people’s books, I dreamed of having a book with my own name on it one day. In the meantime, I published six books, two about Hamburg and four about lettering and type-design.

On this page I briefly introduce three of the my five books, the ones that are available in English. If you would like to know more–each book has its own page with more information and photos that give you an idea of the content.

Order my books in your local bookstore or directly from the publisher by clicking on the links below. Please do not order them from Amazon, if you can avoid it. You’ll be doing me a personal favor and helping the entire book industry. Thank you so much!

By the way

My books »Handbuch Handlettering« and »Praxisbuch Brush Lettering« are only available in German. You read German? Great! These two links lead you to more information about the books: Handbuch Handlettering and Praxisbuch Brush Lettering


»Alphabets« showcases 50 other alphabets from my sketchbooks. The book is basically a printout of my Instagram feed, so if you like my work and want to take a closer look at it, on paper and mostly in original size, this book is for you. »Alphabets« is part of the artist book series 100for10 and it’s a steal: 100 pages of lettering inspiration for only 10 Euros, shipping worldwide.

106 pages, 70 illustrations, black and white
with an introduction in English

artist book series 100for10 by Melville Brand Design
14,8 x 21 cm, softcover
10 Euros

Order »Alphabets« from the publisher
Cover des Buchs »Alphabets« von Chris Campe, erschienen im Dezember 2020 in der Künstlerbuchreihe 100for10 von Melville Brand Design
Designing Fonts, book by Chris Campe and Ulrike Rausch

Designing Fonts

An Introduction to Professional Type Design

Designing one’s own font is the dream of many graphic designers–»Designing Fonts« helps to make this dream come true. In this book, type designer Ulrike Rausch and I explain the basics of type design–accessible, immediately applicable and entertaining to read.

214 pages with lots of illustrations and 8 hands-on workshops

Thames & Hudson, 1. Auflage 2020, hardback, 18 x 26 cm
ISBN: 978-0-500-24155-4
30 Pounds, about 35 Euros

Toller Ort

Hamburg’s best shops and spots

The travel guide »Toller Ort« leads you to Hamburg’s most beautiful and interesting places–according to yours sincerely. In 200 short texts, I tell you all the secrets about the places and shops that I regularly visit myself.

200 ideas for what to do in Hamburg, bilingual German/Englisch

Junius Verlag, 2. edition 2017, hardback, 12 x 15 cm
ISBN: 978-3-88506-035-2
12,90 Euros

Order »Toller Ort« from the publisher
Bookcover of the Hamburg Tavelguide »Toller Ort« by Chris Campe
Chris Campe, »Hamburg Alphabet«, Ausgabe 2010 und 2020

Hamburg Alphabet

Shop signs in Hamburg from A to Z

My first book »Hamburg Alphabet« is a typographic portrait of the city of Hamburg. It shows photos of 220 remarkable shop signs, in alphabetical order.

In 2020, ten years after the book was first published, I took photos of all the signs again and released a new edition–with updated photos. If you compare the two books, the changes in the cityscape are striking.

96 pages with 220 photos

Original edition
Junius Verlag, 1. edition 2010, hardback, 17,5 cm x 12,5 cm
ISBN: 978-3-88506-466-4, 14,90 Euro

New edition
1. edition 2020, hardback, 17,5 cm x 12,5 cm, 14,90 Euros

Order »Hamburg Alphabet« by sending me an email