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Cover des Buchs »Alphabets« von Chris Campe, erschienen im Dezember 2020 in der Reihe »100for10«

New Book: »Alphabets«

My book »Alphabets« is part of the artist book series 100for10 by Melville Brand Design and it’s a steal: 50 alphabets on 100 pages for only 10 Euros.

Unti now you could only look at the drawings from my sketchbook on Instagram, in the size of a cell phone screen. But now they are available in print – most of them in original size.

Shop signs in Hamburg 2010 and 2020

In 2010 I published my first book »Hamburg Alphabet«, a collection of vintage shop signs in Hamburg. In 2020, to mark the tenth anniversary of my first book, I re-photographed the 220 shop signs in the book and published an updated new edition – same format, identical layout, but current photos. The before-and-after images show how the cityscape changes when small businesses disappear.

Chris Campe, »Hamburg Alphabet«, Ausgabe 2010 und 2020
80+40-Cent-Briefmarke »Umweltschutz ist Gesundheitsschutz« in der Wohlfahrtsmarkenserie »Für den Umweltschutz«, gestaltet von Chris Campe, All Things Letters, Hamburg

Designing a stamp

Life goal achieved: On September 3, 2020, the first stamp I designed for the Federal Republic of Germany was released. I wanted to design stamps ever since I leafed through my mother’s album: a history of graphic design en miniature.

My first stamp was in the news at PAGE magazine, find the article by Sabine Danek here.

Meanwhile on Instagram …

On this website you see completed projects, on Instagram I show what I’m currently working on. The website is the showroom so to speak, on Instagram you look over my shoulder as I work.

Many of the sketches and ideas I post on Instagram don’t appear on my website, because I often just try out new ideas that never turn into bigger projects. In the captions of my Insta posts I talk about my thoughts and in the comments I exchange ideas with colleagues and followers. So if you would like to get an idea of how I think and work,