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Custom Lettering by Chris Campe for books, covers, logos, illustrations, walls and windows

Lettering Examples from the Portfolio

Lettering-Zitat von Chris Campe aus dem Stück »Draußen vor der Tür« von Wolfgang Borchert für das Literaturfestival »Hamburg liest« 2021

Lettering Quotes from Literature

Making of Lettering Mural, Wandgestaltung von Chris Campe für Xing, Hamburg

Lettering Mural for XING

Latest News

Stempeldruck »Breathe« von Chris Campe

Prints in my Shop

After seven years of lettering, I took a breath this fall and drew something other than letters: Linden seeds, peonies and physalis. Then I carved stamps from the drawings and used the stamps to create prints.

You can now order these original prints and some of my books, postcards and posters in my new webshop.

Lettering Inspiration

My book »Alphabets« is part of the artist book series 100for10 by Melville Brand Design and it’s a steal: 50 alphabets on 100 pages for only 10 Euros.

Until now you could only look at the drawings from my sketchbook on Instagram, in the size of a cell phone screen. But now they are available in print – most of them in original size.

Cover des Buchs »Alphabets« von Chris Campe, erschienen im Dezember 2020 in der Künstlerbuchreihe 100for10 von Melville Brand Design
Chris Campe, »Hamburg Alphabet«, Ausgabe 2010 und 2020

Hamburger Ladenschilder 2010 und 2020

Shop signs in Hamburg 2010 and 2020
In 2010 I published my first book »Hamburg Alphabet«, a collection of vintage shop signs in Hamburg.

In 2020, to mark the tenth anniversary of my first book, I re-photographed the 220 shop signs in the book and published an updated new edition – identical layout, but current photos. The before-and-after show how the cityscape changed.

Meanwhile on Instagram …

On this website you see completed projects, on Instagram I show what I’m currently working on. The website is the showroom so to speak, on Instagram you look over my shoulder as I work.

Many of the sketches and ideas I post on Instagram don’t appear on my website, because I often just try out new ideas that never turn into bigger projects. In the captions of my Insta posts I talk about my thoughts and in the comments I exchange ideas with colleagues and followers. So if you would like to get an idea of how I think and work,