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Custom Lettering by Chris Campe for books, covers, logos, illustrations, walls and windows

Lettering Examples from the Portfolio

Berlin Mural im Buchstabenmuseum von Chris Campe und Merle Michaelis, Juli 2020

Lettering Mural Buchstabenmuseum Berlin

Motiv für einen Stoffbeutel, Design von Chris Campe für das ART Magazin, April 2022

Tote Bag for ART Magazine

Lettering-Zitat von Chris Campe aus dem Stück »Draußen vor der Tür« von Wolfgang Borchert für das Literaturfestival »Hamburg liest« 2021

Lettering Quotes from Literature

Latest News

Coverbild für den Vortrag von Chris Campe auf der Adobe MAX Konferenz 2022: "How to create experimental lettering with Adobe Fresco and on paper"

Talk on October 19

It’s really not a big deal, but: On October 19, I’ll be speaking in Los Angeles at Adobe MAX about experimental lettering.

If you don’t happen to be in L.A. then, too, you can watch a 20-minute version of my talk online. All you have to do is register for the conference.

Lettering-Sketchbook-Intro by Chris Campe, All Things Letters, Hamburg

Sketchbook Intro

At the end of July, I gave a talk at the Typism Summit about how I use my lettering sketchbooks as a source of inspiration. I have also summarized my tips on this subject in a PDF. I’ll be happy to send you the PDF, when you sign up for my newsletter.


The platform »Design by Women« celebrates the work of women and queers in the design industry. In an interview with founder Mary Hemingway, I shared why I specialize in lettering. Spoiler: It has to do with gender.

Interview mit Chris Campe auf »Design by Women«

Typostammtisch Hamburg

The next Typo Meet-Up in Hamburg is planned for November 17 —organized by yours truly. The event is free and open to all, it starts at 7 pm and takes place at Filmfabrique in Filmfabrique in Hamburg’s Oberhafen neighborhood.

If you want to get an extra invitation for all future dates, subscribe to the Typostammtisch newsletter.

Typostammtisch Hamburg, organisiert von Chris Campe und Jenna Gesse, Foto von Michael Kohls

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In the Blog

I have a blog now, 15 years after everyone else—as a super late-adopter. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, but I was too busy writing books. Now the first texts are online and on my list of topics are ideas for 100 more posts about lettering, books and design.


Shame Parade

Pride. I never got it. I am not proud of being queer. Just like I’m not proud of being white or being German. Why be proud of something that isn’t my choice?

Meanwhile on Instagram …

On this website you see completed projects, on Instagram I show what I’m currently working on. The website is the showroom so to speak, and on Instagram you can look over my shoulder while I work.

Many of the sketches and ideas I post on Instagram don’t appear on my website, because I often just try out new ideas that never turn into bigger projects. In the captions of my Insta posts I talk about my thoughts and in the comments I exchange ideas with colleagues and followers. So if you would like to get an idea of how I think and work,