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Custom Lettering by Chris Campe for books, covers, logos, illustrations, walls and windows

Lettering Examples from the Portfolio

Motiv für einen Stoffbeutel, Design von Chris Campe für das ART Magazin, April 2022

Tote bag for ART Magazine

Lettering-Zitat von Chris Campe aus dem Stück »Draußen vor der Tür« von Wolfgang Borchert für das Literaturfestival »Hamburg liest« 2021

Lettering Quotes from Literature

Making of Lettering Mural, Wandgestaltung von Chris Campe für Xing, Hamburg

Lettering Mural for XING

Latest News

Motiv für einen Stoffbeutel, Design von Chris Campe für das ART Magazin, April 2022

Featured in ART Magazine

Am I an artist? I was never quite sure, but now I have the proof: The German magazine ART published an article about me and my work in its April issue.


The platform »Design by Women« celebrates the work of women and queers in the design industry. In an interview with founder Mary Hemingway, I shared why I specialize in lettering. Spoiler: It has to do with gender.

Interview mit Chris Campe auf »Design by Women«
Foto von einer Friedenstaube aus Pappe


For the demos against the war in Ukraine, I cut out a dove from cardboard. Via Instagram, the peace dove has found some imitators. For those who prefer not to draw it themselves, I provide a free copy template. And I continue to hope that soon no one will need them anymore.

In the Blog

Die besten Letteringbücher von früher – Buchtipps von Chris Campe

5 Favorites:
Vintage Lettering-Books

Lettering hasn’t just been around since yesterday, and old books often explain the basics of lettering design more clearly than today’s. These are five vintage books I always have on hand.

Drawing from the Daily Project »You Look Like the Right Type« by Mark Addison Smith

Every Day for 13 Years

Every day, Mark Addison Smith illustrates a phrase he overheard someone say. He hasn’t skipped a single day since November 23, 2008.

Meanwhile on Instagram …

On this website you see completed projects, on Instagram I show what I’m currently working on. The website is the showroom so to speak, on Instagram you look over my shoulder as I work.

Many of the sketches and ideas I post on Instagram don’t appear on my website, because I often just try out new ideas that never turn into bigger projects. In the captions of my Insta posts I talk about my thoughts and in the comments I exchange ideas with colleagues and followers. So if you would like to get an idea of how I think and work,