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Lettering-Entwurf für eine Wandgestaltung, von Chris Campe, All Things Letters, Hamburg

Mural Design for Stadtwerke Karlsruhe

The municipal utility company of the city of Karlsruhe planned a mural in the passageway to the canteen in their newly renovated building. They asked several artists for designs, and I was one of them.

The company supplies the region with vital ressources: light, heat, water, gas and electricity. I drew theses words in different styles so that the letter form matches the content of the words—the electricity is angular like lightning, the heat is comfortably round, the natural gas is inflated, the freshness is buoyant.

The drawing above is just a digital sketch. I would have loved to paint this in 3 by 2 meters, but unfortunately, this project was cancelled because of Corona.


Concept sketches for a lettering mural
Project cancelled because of Corona


Stadtwerke Karlsruhe


ca. 3 x 2 m