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Hamburg-Reiseführer „Toller Ort“ von Chris Campe, Junius Verlag, 978-3-88506-035-2

Oh, how great!

Hamburg (like so many others …) claims to be the most beautiful city in the world—but what is really so great about Hamburg? The handy travel guide »Toller Ort« gives my best tips and takes you to the places that I show to my own visitors.

A travel guide to Hamburg’s best shops and spots

Hamburg tips from a single source: I compiled the places, wrote the texts and illustrated and designed the book. The selection of places, the tone of the texts and the hand-drawn illustrations combine in the handy city guide to form a personal and authentic whole.

The ten chapters of the Hamburg travel guide »Toller Ort« summarize tips for neighboring districts. My task was to find titles for the chapters and to illustrate the chapter openers with lettering and graphic elements in such a way that the writing would relate to the neighborhoods.

The tips in the Hamburg travel guide »Toller Ort« do not give the usual recommendations and so the illustrations also do without the usual Hamburg pictures. Instead, the fonts make associative reference to the districts, supplemented here and there by illustrative elements. Thus, the dignified district »Anner Alster« presents itself with a noble-classic serif font, in the clear block letters for St. Pauli, the water stands half-high.

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About the book

Toller Ort

Hamburg’s Best Shops and Spots

bilingual German/Englisch
152 pages, hardcover, 12,5 cm x 15 cm

1. edition 2013
2. updated edition 2017

Junius Verlag
ISBN 978-3-88506-035-2
12,90 Euros

Beispielseiten aus dem Hamburg-Reiseführer„Toller Ort“ von Chris Campe

Hamburg’s neighborhoods are grouped into chapters, and each chapter begins with a handlettering illustration.

Beispielseiten aus dem Hamburg-Reiseführer„Toller Ort“ von Chris Campe

In short, entertaining texts, the book presents over 200 great places in Hamburg – bilingual in German and English.

Beispielseiten aus dem Hamburg-Reiseführer „Toller Ort“ von Chris Campe

Illustrated city maps provide an overview of the great places.

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