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All Things Letters is Chris Campe’s design studio in Hamburg, Germany

For publishers, agencies and companies I design everything with letters: Books, covers, logos, illustrations, walls, and shop windows.

I design individual lettering that communicates to your target audience. This works because I am familiar with the historical and contemporary connotations of different type styles and I can adjust the letterforms to any given subject or mood. You tell me how you want your project to look, and I design the appropriate lettering.

Lettering references individuality, emotions and high-quality. It conveys the unmistakable character of your product and shows that you care about details.

Use lettering for

Editorial Illustration

No need for photos and illustrations, because lettering is text and image at the same time: the shapes of the letters convey what the story is about.

Logo design

A custom designed logo condenses the character of a brand. At a glance the letters render visible what the brand stands for.

If you use a font for a logo, anyone else could use it, too. But individually designed lettering makes your logotype as distinctive as your product.

Cover design

ith lettering, I set the scene for the title of a book so that the cover is an eye-catcher – even in stamp size online.

Lettering conveys the mood of the title and reveals just enough of the content that you can’t help but pick up the book or click on the cover.

Book design

If you like, I design not only the cover, but also the entire wrapper, the title page, chapter numbers and hand-drawn headlines – right up to the finished PDF that is ready to go to print.

You would like to get the concept, the design and the texts for a book from one source? No problem, dovetailing form and content is what I enjoy most.


Packaging with custom lettering tempts anyone to take it into their hands. Be it high quality and elegance, temperament and individuality or rugged and natural – lettering cancommunicate the quality of a product at one glance.

Murals and Shop windows

Painted walls and shop windows are an eye-catcher and a »photo opportunity« for your audience. I design your claim, a quote or large-format, decorative lettering as eye-candy and paint or paste it on the wall.



Aufbau Verlag, Arche Literatur Verlag, Carlsen Verlag, Verlag C.H. Beck, Hanser Verlag, Verlag Hermann Schmidt, Insel Verlag, Junius Verlag, Kunstmann Verlag, Mairisch Verlag, moses Verlag, Prestel Verlag, Rowohlt Verlag, Ullstein Verlag


ART Magazin, Chrismon, Das Magazin, FLOW, GEOEpoche, GEOSaison, GEOMini, UniSPIEGEL, SPIEGELWissen

Agencies and Companies

Filmfest Hamburg, Fuenfwerken Design AG, G.W.A Westphal Tee, Ketchum Pleon, opus 5, Zimmermann Editorial, Bundesministerium der Finanzen