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Your Step-By-Step Intro to Turning Your Sketchbook Into a Source of Inspiration and Joy

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The best thing I’ve done to improve my lettering in the last three years? Keeping a sketchbook and turning it into an intimate space for exploring ideas that then become bigger projects.

If you’d like to keep a lettering sketchbook to stay creative but don’t know how to start or find it difficult to keep going, I am here to help! This guide will show you the essential steps to journaling your ideas in your sketchbook and developing them into projects like books, products, murals, animations, talks, or workshops.

This is what you’ll get

  • 3 simple steps that make starting much easier
  • Criteria for how to pick a sketchbook that is perfect for you
  • How to achieve consistency
  • What to do when you don’t know what to draw
  • The secret to loving your sketchbook
Lettering-Sketchbook-Intro by Chris Campe, All Things Letters, Hamburg

The Step-By-Step Intro to Help You Turn Your Sketchbook Into a Source of Inspiration and Amazing Projects

You love seeing other people’s sketchbooks and you’d long to keep one, too? You’ve started so many sketchbooks, but you never make it beyond the first few pages? If only there was a trick to keeping going!

Well, there is a trick and not just one, actually. My sketchbooks have been central to my creativity for years and in the Sketchbook Intro I am sharing my best tipps for starting and keeping a sketchbook.

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