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Lettering Skizze von Chris Campe

Workshop in Stockholm:
Lettering as Illustration

Custom designed letters can be beautiful and decorative – but not only. In fact, lettering is much more interesting, whenever the letterforms don’t just look nice, but also communicate. If the letter shapes convey the content of a text even before the viewer reads the words, they become illustrations and can be used to tell a story.

For this narrative approach to lettering, you need to know how letters function and how you can purposefully alter their shapes to make them communicate what you want to say. This is exactly what you’ll learn in this workshop.

Lettering Workshop in Hamburg mit Chris Campe

What you’ll learn in this workshop

During this hands-on workshop you’ll benefit from live demonstrations and one-on-one feedback. The focus of the workshop is on the transfer of knowledge and skills. You might not go home with a pretty drawing, but you’ll leave with the skills and know-how essential to successfully designing narrative lettering.

The workshop is divided in four parts.

1. Copy

We will begin with drawing exercises that help you look closely and analytically at lettering inspiration. I will show you how to adapt styles you like to use them in your own work.

2. Study

Then I will teach you the crucial parameters of letterforms. You’ll learn which buttons to push to make letters look just the way you need them to.

3. Play

After a load of detailed information on the parameters of letters, we’ll loosen up a little and play some lettering games. This is a great way to come up with fresh letter shapes.

4. Apply

In the last part of the workshop you’ll apply your new skills and knowledge to design a piece custom lettering. You’ll learn an effective drawing technique that allows you to quickly go through several iterations of a design and refine it step by step.

Lettering Workshop
in Stockholm

Date and Times

Saturday, March 21, 2020
10.00 a.m. to 5 p.m.
six hours with a one hour lunchbreak


North Alliance (NoA)
Tulegatan 13, Stockholm

Participation fee

The workshop costs 200 Euros plus 19% VAT = 228 Euros
that’s roughly 2500 SEK
If you have a VAT ID Number, you don’t need to pay the tax, in this case you only pay 200 Euros, about 2100 SEK.

Signing up

Sign up for the workshop by sending me an email, I look forward to meeting you!

Is this workshop for you?

The workshop is geared at designers and ambitious non-designers. Prior experience with lettering is not required, but you should not be scared of drawing on paper.

Awesome! I'm signing up for this!